Posted by: jackterrett | May 26, 2010

Week Eleven: Goodbye WGC, Hello USA!

My last week in Welwyn Garden City was an easy and relaxed one.  At Heptares, my projects were winding down and I did my best to say goodbye to everybody.  The guys at work threw me two “going-away parties” at two local pubs: the younger crowd on Wednesday at ‘The Doctor’s Tonic’, and then with the Chemistry group for dinner at ‘The Red Lion’.  Both were a lot of fun and it’s a shame that we hadn’t done more casual outings over the past few months.  Friday was my last day at work and then I spent all of Saturday with my Grandparents down in Kent.  After my farewell run around WGC on Sunday, I flew out back to Boston from Heathrow (narrowly escaping the incoming volcanic ash cloud – it shut down the airport a few hours after I left – and the pending BA cabin crew strikes!).

Although I was very excited to return home to the United States, I enjoyed my twelve weeks abroad and found them eventful.  The experience I got from working at Heptares will be extremely valuable over the next few years as I continue to do Chemistry research.  I was hoping that these three months would answer a lot of questions about my future career and life plans, but I’ve really found no definitive answers.  All I know is that I could live in either England or the US, I could pursue a career in the Biotech industry, and that I am fairly capable of keeping myself alive for a short period of time.  This experience demonstrated to me that it is easy to pursue work opportunities abroad, even if you’re a stranger in what seems like a foreign land.  Even though it will likely be the presence of family and friends that influences where I choose to live and work, I’m almost certain this will not be the last time I work abroad!



  1. Wherever you end up working, Jack, just make sure you can find an apartment with a cupboard large enough to sate your potato-crisp cravings…!

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